Why You Must buy Han Cholo Men Bracelets And Jewellery?

Are you looking for male jewellery? Then buy han cholo men bracelets. You can get your holiday shopping done for the entire family with Han Cholo. You can buy for your grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister, mother, father, girlfriend, boyfriend and for yourself too. Make some bold statements with the aid of those Frankenstein pendants and enamel pins.

Availability in broad range

A wide range of exclusively designed products in every possible jewellery style is available. Science fiction, fantasy, art, Rock and roll, star wars and Los Angeles culture have influenced the designs to a significant degree. 

Be invincible with a defender ring and bracelet

Voltron defender of the universe is a television series produced in America. This is about a group of astronauts who are led by a super robot Voltron. They deal with dangerous space training missions. Based on these stories the designers have drawn their inspiration for the following items.

  • Defender of the Universe Ring

The legendary ring is beautiful. This is a show stopper. It is made of a combination of vermeil and sterling silver so that you will be undefended at all times. This is available in limited edition only.

  • Stainless Steel Cufflinks

Buy han cholo men bracelets and protect your wrists with these cuff links. Just conquer anything and everything that cuts across your path. A jewellery pouch is also included to give it a stylish touch.

  • Sword Pendant

This item is made of pure precious metal. An added advantage is that customization options are available to the customers. You have to allow a few weeks for production and delivery to your specified destination.

  • Antique stone ring

This particular edition stainless steel ring will be in circulation only for a limited period. This is truly a collector’s item which is based on the animated television series which used to be aired in 1984.           

Horror loving friends

This highly reputed novel, Frankenstein, tells the story about a scientist who has created an ogreish creature who was later horrified by his creation. Another novel, Dracula tells the story of vampire fantasy. The famous character, Count Dracula is introduced who is always after fresh blood so that he can spread the curse of the undead. Buy han cholo men bracelets many of which are created with these novels at the back of their minds.

  • Frankenstein Enamel pin

These soft enameled pins have a rubber clutch at the back. This ensures that the attachment is stable and secure. The monstrous creature is made of stainless steel and is ready to be worn by the new master.

  • Bride side by side

The design of The Frankenstein ring is in minute details even to the frowning countenance. It is an awesome addition to your jewellery box. The bride ring is created to go along with the Frankenstein ring.

  • Dracula Enamel pin

The hideous yet elegant creature will not harm you through the veins. Instead, this beautifully designed pin will glorify your jacket not only during night time but also in broad daylight.

Other types of bracelets    

Many other types of bracelets have drawn their inspiration from other kinds of fictional stories and shows. Buy han cholo men bracelets which are created with each one having its story.

  • Nugget bangle

These are made of precious metals with a combination of sterling silver and vermeil. They come in with a polishing cloth and jewellery box.

  • Arrow Bangle

This simple cuff is capable of adding a zing to your everyday wear. The brass plating cuffs with silver and gold are capable of adding a masculine touch to your looks. They can be easily adjusted to suit your wrist.

  • Crystal spike id bracelet

You are no mood to wear an everyday bracelet when in reality you are far from being plain. Show your wild side in the world, by exhibiting your rocking personality with this type of id wristlet. This is light weight and is perfect for both day and night wear.

  • Chain hoop bangles

You can wear them as a single unit, or you can wear them in multiples by stacking quite a few of them together. In this classic accessory, an urban twist is incorporated which makes it an eye catching item. These are brass plated pieces with gold, silver and gunmetal options.

  • Havoc cuff

The Skeletor is a fictional character in the Masters of the Universe. As an arch-enemy of He-Man, he possesses many magical powers. Defeat all the enemies around you by channelizing all the energy into this cuff. Your cuff comes empowered with the raw strength of the favorite weapon of the Skeletor. Along with the embedded crystal ball, you can now tackle your way out of multiple opponents.

  • Dalia bangle

This bracelet is designed keeping the Sowden house in mind. This Sowden house was built by the reputed painter Lloyd Wright. The striking and ornamental style of the house is exhibited on the wrist, and the viewers will be intrigued with the design.

  • Bone bracelet

Display the conqueror side to the world by wearing this type of wristband. This can be worn with any casual outfit.

  • Level z cuff

This dual tone bracelet is a great accessory that is suitable for any outfit. The design is created with the shapes and texture of the desert.

  • Thick two-tone chain

Sometimes men are faced with confusion whether to wear gold or silver wristbands. This problem is taken care of with this type of two in one bracelet. Twin types of chains enhance your contemporary glamour and will elevate your style to the next level.

  • Faceted Bangle

The appeal of this band lies in the clean cut design. People will watch your wrist enviously when you flaunt this bohemian and contemporary bangle bracelet.

Place order

Now you are conversant with the different types of jewellery available. Pick your choice and then buy han cholo men bracelets either by phone or online. If you place your order via phone, you will get in touch with a customer care representative, and he will be able to guide you in this respect. You can also visit the showroom and buy directly.

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