Too much bracelets said no man ever!-Your ultimate guide to wearing them

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to wooden bead bracelets for men. This acts as the best alternative from the hard and tough metal or the delicate leather bracelets. These types of wristlets are made of wooden beads and add to your personal style. The more you further away from the wedding rings you get to feel iffy about other accessories especially hand bands. There are chances that bracelets for women may outweigh the men’s but hold on to your horses as it is just not a feminine thing anymore. These bands are an option and accent while not being a necessity but need to be a part of your wardrobe. Following are ways you can rock them just as fine.

Men’s style

Just like a ring or a necklace the role of the wooden bead bracelets is not different. It enhances the style quotient and adds up as an accent that is noticeable. It just stands out to be a distinct part and not really the centrepiece of your clothes. The form of bracelets depends largely on what sort of outfits you are planning to wear. If you are in a regular tie and suit the something upscale and metallic fits the bill perfectly.  While, your style is more towards tropical shorts or wrap pants then you would have to go for wristlets in ropes, leather and beads for a much natural and rough-edged look.

How must you wear them?

The first step towards wearing wooden bead bracelets arises from the fact that the elastic that holds the beads must be sized right. The right sized elastic only means that it should be stretchable enough to fit onto your wide wrists. The treatment to wristlets should be just the same as wrist watches because they are tied against the skin with long sleeves to cover them. These woody bands are a great summer phenomenon and you can even play with them even when you have short sleeves. Try out the various bands in a manner that it does not look awkward and looks classy no matter what. Remember too shiny and too bright metals always tend to look gaudy.

The wristlet rules

There are a few basic guidelines and set of “rules that will help you look your best when wearing the wooden bead bracelets.  You can always stack up as many wooden beady bands on the same wrist but make sure they are thin bands and not multiples of thick wristlets. A sturdy wristwatch can also be worn with these wristlets where you can mix and match both of them.  If it is a metal watch then you should refrain from wearing a metal band whatsoever and go for cord bands instead. You should always keep one wrist full and the other bare because the matching on both hands is a complete no-no and gives a bondage kind of look.

Broad bands of metal

This type of a bracelet is the most upscale one and you will likely to get it paired with ties and suits. The varieties are limitless which keeps the overall effect all the same. The bold single statement band gives a masculine and uncluttered look. Any single bracelet is good when you want a tiny bit of swagger or flash. The mens fashion bracelets are paired with elegant and simple clothes and the little flash every time from beneath your cuffs is the best.  You can always opt for shorter sleeves but the basic thing is to steer clear of too much flash.

Rope cords and strings

If metal is something that you are done with then always look on the opposite end and you shall find the rope or string cords as the solution. They come in various sizes and thicknesses where some are non-decorated while some are. There are many a Kabbala strings that are sported by celebrities and is quite a trend in the given times. These are also called surfer dude bands and often come with beads. You can personalize them as per you wish and also make your own in a trendier way. These bracelets cannot be worn on business meetings hence you should stick to these only for casual meetings.

Cuffs of leather

Braided or solid wristlets and bands in leather always add to your classic style of punk. It goes great with surplus gear of the army and even a plain tee with a logo of the band. It shall look weird with anything else other than tees and jeans. There is colored leather that can be worn by men who prefer bands without any weight or flash. They are timeless classics and have a cache of prep culture with boat shoes and blazer crowd.

The I.D. wristlets

These bracelets became a civilian style during the 1950’s and were issued for soldiers serving in the world war. It has a classic heritage and has been making reappearances occasionally.  These bracelets are still a part of the core style with a rectangular plate and thin chain of metal. It resembles a face of a wristwatch. If you are heading for a retro look then these are your ultimate answer. You must have one in your collection if you want to ace the retro look. All you have to do is slip into a pair of comfy shirt and fitted pair of jeans which should just work fine for you.

Personal preferred style

At the end of the day a wood bead bracelet is the answer to your fashionable outfits. It just does the job of a good accent which means that it complements it in every possible way. The outfits you don change from day to day and time to time depending on the occasion and mood. Therefore you always look for wristlets that you would prefer as personal style. Big bold beaded wood bracelets with stretchable elastic must make a part of your collection of jewelry as you can wear them in various settings. You just have to start with simpler pieces and make expansions in your fashion library from time to time.

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