How to Make a Round Braided Leather Bracelet

Look at the left or right wrist of men, you will find it stacked with men’s leather bracelets braided. The concept is fast catching up and becoming increasingly popular. You need not be a style conscious campaigner to don these bracelets, as long as you have a flair for earthy elegance, you will love wearing these pieces, which are easy to make, as part of a DIY home-based project.  It is fine that you have decided to undertake the do it yourself project; the next thing to do is collect the necessary ingredients.
  • Get the following inputs

You will need a comfortable place in which to work. As you are making men’s leather bracelets braided, getting cords of leather is a must. Select two different types of color, here, you can go according to your individual choice, but while selecting the two different color schemes ensure that three cords are of one particular color, the other two are of another variation, that is if three of the cords are purple in color, the other two can be rani pink. Besides the leather cords, get yourself a pair of scissor, clamp, a lobster clasp, jump rings and pinch crimps. You can find the inputs in a craft store, or a facility that sells jewelry supplies.

  • Cut the cords

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While cutting the cords ensure that it is sufficiently long to cover your wrist at least three to four times. You have already selected color of two different varieties, hold them together for cutting. That’s the first step to take while making men’s leather bracelets braided. You must have five cords, in all, three of one color, and two of the other. If you select one uniform color scheme, instead of two, then, also, you need to have five cords, in all.

  • Link the cords together

Hold the five strands of the leather cord in such a way that their ends are in one uniform line. Next, you have to link them together, or have them bound up using a crimp. As you place the loop or the pinch crimp over the wires, make sure that the cords are held together in their place.

If youhave chosen two different types of color scheme, then make sure that the strands are arranged alternately. You must be wondering how to hold the cords together while making the men’s leather bracelets braided. It is here, that you can make use of a plier. At this stage, you can use your clamp or the plier so that the cords remain secure in their proper place.

  • Stick the bound strands to a surface

Here, you have two options to consider. First, you can use the clamp for attaching the cords which have been bound together to a plain flat surface so that the braiding can be started. The second option is to use an adhesive tape for sticking the strands to a plain surface. The idea is to ensure that strands remain together while you start braiding. You cannot afford to let the strands to move while making the men’s leather bracelets braided.

  • Start off with braiding

If you know how to make plaits, you will have no difficulty while braiding. Take the strand lying on the outermost edge, on your left, move it over the strand that lies on the right, and bring it under that which lies right in the middle. Then, use, the cord lying on the right and bring it around, in a criss-cross way, towards the middle. Make sure that you braid the strands properly because this is the most important step to undertake while making the bracelet. You have to continue braiding until the strands are long enough to cover your wrist.

  • Bind the ends

mens leather bracelets braided

Just as you have bound the other ends, right at the beginning using a crimp, similarly, the other end is to be bound up, as well. If you don’t have crimps, you can use wire for binding both the ends while making leather bracelets.

  • Attach the clasp

Next, you have to attach a clasp to the wire mesh. If you have used crimps for binding both the ends, then, the clasp needs to be attached to the crimp. One of the ends will have the clasp; the other bound end will have the jump ring, while wearing the bracelet the clasp will cling on to the jump ring. While attaching the jump ring to the other end, make use of your plier; ensure that the ring slips into the end that has been bound up with a crimp.

  • Cut the additional strands of leather wire

You already know the size of your wrist, and while attaching the clasp and the ring to the men’s leather bracelets braided, you have seen if the piece suits the size of your wrist. The next thing to do is to cut off the additional strands of wire so that the piece serves as a perfect fit.

  • Use extra metallic or floral pieces for ornamentation

Using these steps mentioned above, you can churn out a sassy looking bracelet that adds to the elegance of your wrist. Before wearing, you can ornament it in such a way that it enhances the style quotients, by several counts. Individual tastes vary, but you can add beads, metallic flowers, and fabric decorative to the piece that you have made. You can have the attachments glued or stitched onto the piece. You can also have a bell or a trinket attached to the men’s leather bracelets braided.

Wear the piece

Since you have made it, all by yourself, the prospect will turn out to be immensely satisfying. You will get a feel of your ingenuity. Now, you can show to the world that you have designed and made the piece, entirely, on your own, without taking the help of any other person. The proposition plays a part in bringing your creativity to the fore. So, wear the piece, and inspire your friends and colleagues so that they too can be motivated and inspired into designing mens black leather bracelet.

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